Are you ready to Earn the Day?

Founded by Adam Von Rothfelder, “Earn The Day” first began as a personal-life mantra and has blossomed into a lifestyle model that you now can apply to your life to improve your Strength and balance not only in the gym but in all other facets of life too.

“Earn The Day” is an approach I have applied in my own life. My personal trials and triumphs in 2011 were an extreme reminder that life happens for you—not to you.

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Von Rothfelder meets you where you are and takes you places you’ve never been. Superb technique and instruction combined creativity, motivation, and fun. He’ll help you move — and live — with confidence and pride.

– John Durant, NYT bestselling author of The Paleo Manifesto and Spartan Fit!

Adam is a thinker and a doer. He has listened to his body in ways most of us will not ever get to and because of this he has become an example of instruction in human movement.

-Brian Mckenzie

Adam has helped me take my fitness and more importantly my athletic performance to a new level. The mix between mobility and strength training has me surfing better than ever and hitting the golf ball further, and best of all with NO injuries this year.

-Blake Mycoskie

Earn The Day


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